• Vibration Training
Vibration Training
Coordination, Core, and Relaxation Training

This is  coordination, core, and relaxation training. A really cool training tool to facilitate this training is called The Bodyblade. On The Bodyblade Website they define Vibration Training as: “Vibration training can be referred to as rhythmic or mechanical oscillation occurring within the human body or a mechanical device. Vibration training using Bodyblade activates the hundreds of muscle groups throughout the body using low level vibration and inertia. In other words, you use simple movements to add rapid destabilizing forces which create a muscular chain reaction throughout your entire body, training movement through muscular teams and patterns, rather than isolating individual muscles.”  They say The Bodyblade works by rapidly changing directions at a rhythm of 4.5 cycles per second. As a result, your body reacts 270 times per minute to resist the rapid destabilizing forces of the blade sweeping back and forth. The Bodyblade was the mechanical result of the inventor’s vision for full body activation regardless of gravity or body position in space which pioneered handheld vibration fitness equipment. You can read all about The Bodyblade here: Bodyblade Website Link

I absolutely love this Bodyblade. The goal is to vibrate or oscillate it at the highest possible speeds. In order to achieve this you need fluidity which derives from relaxation. Any tension and the Bodyblades will barely move and tire you out almost immediately. But with the proper mind and body alignment you can oscillate The Bodyblade at high speeds. Sound familiar?? This is what Martial Arts principals are all about!! Effortless movements achieved through mind and body alignment!! I am demonstrating a Bodyblade exercise while doing a Front Snap Kick Motion.