The KickUP Tower
Allows You to Focus On Technique and Flexibility.

I have built a Prototype  piece of exercise equipment that I have named The KickUp Tower!! This is an 8 foot tall structure with ladder style sides and an electric hoist on top. This Tower will enable me to stretch and kick with automated assistance and handle style rails to grip and lean on. This allows me to focus on technique and flexibility.The KickUP Tower has an electric hoist which will accommodate my leg to lift it upwards as I press the up button. I can stop the pulley as I desire and do a multitude of stretches in any of these elevated positions.  I can also position my leg in a multitude of TaeKwonDo kicking positions to work on proper leg positions for a particular kick as well as kicking height. Typically in the Dojang (TaeKwonDo School & Gym) partner stretching will put two students together lifting one another’s leg to these kicking positions as this machine is emulating. The advantage of The KickUP Tower is you can precisely adjust exactly where you want to put your leg and easily change and control it yourself.

In addition this machine has grip rails all over it. Typically when these leg lifting exercises are done with a partner the kicker has to lean on the wall and be cognoscente of  their balance, and sometimes this can be uncomfortable leaning on the wall in typical stretching and kicking positions. The KickUP Tower allows for a much more comfortable and inviting experience!! This machine is also designed for providing a comfortable space to work on and develop kicking abilities. Early in my TaeKwonDo training I would often lean on the wall and do sets of 100 or more kicks. The wall provided me the ability to take some of the stress off the supporting leg and the challenge of balancing while executing these kicks. Obviously we need to enhance balance and supporting leg strength but we need to crawl before we walk!! The KickUP Tower makes it extremely comfortable and easy to do large sets of rail assisted kicks to help develop great kicks and effortless motion!! This KickUp Tower has some other features such as bungee cord attachment spots to apply resistance to kick execution. It also offers an adjustable bench to sit on and let the hoist assist with seated stretches. Finally I have also incorporated an adjustable leg bar to rest your leg on to do what I call hinge kicks!