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TaeVerge Technologies are all about using today’s technologies to enhance are workouts in a multitude of ways. I personally am always exploring new ways to do most activities in my Life. From advances in technology like using a Smart phone to track a workout to extensive camera equipment so I can evaluate form, speed,  delivery & execution of techniques!! This section will grow over time as I discover new innovations to maximize my experience and add to the quality of my workouts and even my Life.


Again Technology can help us further define physics principles to understand and achieve better results as well as give us other ways to achieve our desired results with creative and sometimes more engaging ideas.


The Picture to the right is a speed circle of lights to represent one of the coolest things I am and have been working on which is slowing down a technique using cameras and propulsion to keep up with the speed of a technique. Slowing down the technique to make more visible to  a camera will almost always lose detail and the full view of the technique. It has been said that when they were filming Bruce Lee Movies the camera couldn’t keep up with his moves so therefore sometimes blurring and viewing his performance would be compromised. Well, with today’s technologies, cameras can catch most if not all that speed  and with the implementation of equipment I have developed and customized,  this speed is now clearly viewable and available for evaluation to further improve our skills and execution of a particular technique!!  In this section you can see my personal development of a filming technique to catch this speed!! Incredible Stuff!!