• Cable Kicks
Cable Kicks
Helps Build Core Strength As You Strive to Maintain Your Balance

Cable Kicks can really add a new dimension to any Kicking workout. Most Gyms and Workout Clubs that have weight machines will have a cable pulley machine that will probably work to attach your leg using an ankle cuff and do some kicking routines. One of my favorite machines that I am seeing more and more is the Cable Cross Pulley as seen in my picture.

This machine seems strong and well built and has performed for me like it can handle f the stress kicks can put on its pulleys.  With these machine you can place the arm above you to help your reach and stretch to achieve higher kicks as it will pull your leg upwards as you kick.

You will develop your recoil because bringing your leg back is where the strength  building takes place in this configuration. If you put the arm below you so you need to pull the weights on the kick upwards will help you build the driving muscles to perform the kick. The recoil will be automatic as the pulley will be pulling back at you. This will help build core strength as you strive to maintain your balance. On all of these machines you really don’t want to practice snapping but more fluidity because obviously snapping with weights could have negative effects on your joints and the workout equipment!!