• Body Blades Test
Body Blades Test
Making Speed Visible

This is TaeVerge’s latest Technology!! I have designed and built a way to film and properly slow down with minimal blurring fast moves & techniques. As it has been said the cameras were to slow back in the day to catch the detail of Bruce Lee as he executed fight scenes and Martial Art Techniques. Today technology offers a wide array of options so I have worked on developing affordable systems to help capture this speed while maximizing the visual on details. This serves the purpose to diagnose body postures and execution and define taxing or extra moves related to tension and unnatural movement. When one is filmed using this technology it will uncover all the detail that is missed with the naked eye. Consider fast motions like a Dog shaking off after getting wet. Well, to our naked eye it appears as a quick shake, but if you film that using a technology I am implementing here you will see the Dog’s ears collapse, their eyes squint, and neck turn more than 90 degrees. Now again most cameras even today can’t be adjusted enough to make all of this detail visible without blurring it.  The cameras that can be adjusted enough still require post production work for the detail to be revealed which obviously I am doing here. BUT in addition I am capturing the whole body and entire view on it!! Please stay tuned for much more on this series I call Making Speed Visible.