Balance Boarding
Challenge All Kinds of Balancing Acts

This is so much FUN!! This particular Balance Board is call an Indo Board.  The Board set consists of  2 pieces, obviously the Board and the Roller. There are 2 different Rollers that I am aware of and the one I am using provides the most rolling so it is a great balancing challenge. This Roller can be slowed down to learn it by using a thick carpet or surface with a lot of friction. I am using the mat they offer which has very little resistance hence it rolls pretty quickly. I have been doing this for a while and have built up to riding the Board on this type surface.

From what I understand many use this Board to really challenge themselves with all kinds of balancing acts. I use the Board to execute Punching and other hand techniques. Weight shifting and hip rolling to accentuate Hand techniques has a steep learning curve but will really help with body awareness and greatly enhance the technique you are working. I also like to swing a sword on the Indo Board!!