About The Application

Total Control TaeKwonDo is an application coming soon to all Android operating devices and soon after to iPads and iPhones!! This Total Control Application actually gives you the ability to design almost any Kicking, Punching, and Blocking scenario you can imagine. It is TaeKwonDo based but other Martial Arts systems can use it for counting down and assembling routines for sparring simulation and working out. This is the most advanced customized training system to date because of it’s feature rich abilities and custom capabilities to target so many Martial Art Techniques. Please check out the menu to the left to discover all the features this Application Packs!!

Who Can Participate

This application includes: High Quality Video demonstrations, examples, and descriptions of every technique but because these techniques are very specialized some prior knowledge is helpful but not necessary. This application is very beneficial and a wonderful compliment to anyone who is currently training at a Martial Arts based school. Every technique is an individual move so the application makes it possible to combine with other techniques, repeat any specific amount of repetitions or time based counts.

TaeKwonDo Yoga!

There is also a bonus stretch and pose section that is TaeKwonDo Based as well.  This  is my very own compilation of these techniques to stretch and condition your muscles and develop balance for fluidity and comfort to achieve maximum understanding and correct body positioning. This can help you understand the path or course of particular techniques as you will also be training your muscles to coordinate and strengthen.

Rule #1 Hobby Time

This is truly a well thought intuitive program that actually lets you control all aspects of your workout while counting and/or calling each move you choose by name, running at a pace you determine all inside of a time frame that you set!! This is a TaeKwonDo based app created and performed by Master Bill Helman. Master Bill is A 5th Degree Kukiwon Certified Master Instructor. He holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Gumdo a Korean Sword Art and has had extensive physical fitness training as well as some formal Boxing training. He has been in the Martial Arts for more than 25 years and much of his TaeKwonDo Training has been under a GrandMaster 8th Degree Kukiwon Certified as well! Master Bill’s believes training should be interesting and result yielding from a physical and mental aspect as well. His passion has always been towards kicking but so appreciates all of the techniques he has included in this APP

In this Total control APP Master Bill has included many kicks, blocks, and hand strikes. These techniques are all executed in a sparring style stance to create a shadow style kick-boxing workout. Some of these techniques are not normally used in sparring and can be quite challenging for even experienced Martial Artist to execute inside of this style training. These include some techniques that may be classified as self-defense.  That is the synergy of Master Bill’s design, it incorporates self-defense techniques with boxing and more common TaeKwonDo moves. A quick example is a Ridge Hand Strike. This is a traditional TaeKwonDo technique used in forms as well as for breaking cinder blocks or wood. Well, it can be a potent self-defense move so inside this APP you can execute it and incorporate it into your workout routine. In addition almost all of the techniques included are designed for you to execute from the front or back arms or legs. For example as a Jab is a punch in boxing from the front hand so the APP will say Front Arm Punch. The same Punch from the hand that is in the back will be called Back Arm Punch. Almost all of the kicks are also called from the Front or Back Leg. Master Bill is really concerned with being able to execute from both legs and hands, in most positions. Obviously power results are different from back to front but where most techniques thrown from the lead hand or foot lack the power that the back hand or foot has because we can use our hips more when we throw from the back but, speed can make up for the power difference. Techniques executed from the front hand or foot is going to be faster delivered.

The true excitement and concept of Total Control is to really allow you to choose any of these techniques to be executed and from the front or back arm and leg in any order you prefer and any quantity you want. As well as workouts can be any time you set!! This means you can create small sets such as a combination 3 or 4 moves to practice the set as many times you define or as much time that you would like to do. You can do this combination of course in the order you prefer or you can have the APP randomize it for you. Larger sets can be created obviously as well. Any amount of Master Bill’s large library of moves can be part of your routine. Again these routines can be randomized and any move you prefer can be repeated as many times as you desire inside of a routine and the APP will count each one down for you. Another example would be if you want to practice maybe a SideKick for 75 times. You can make that it’s own routine and then the APP will count down from 75 to 1 each sidekick again at the pace you tell it to!! The reason it starts with the highest number is to know at all times how many you have left until your set is done. There is also a time clock to let you know time wise how much is left in your workout. I think now you get the idea about the endless possibilities you have to create your workout!! You will never get bored and can have a new workout everyday!! I personally like to do my routines against a heavy bag, also with resistance such as ankle weights or on a cable pulley machine or even with resistance bands. I also like to use a traditional Martial Arts Paddle target as well as sometimes just kicking in the air like shadow sparring. The tempo control ability of the APP allows you control it so therefore when use different striking surfaces or resistance you can find a comfortable tempo. An as I keep stressing these different ways to perform your workout really gives you endless varieties and will really help you maximize your results while keeping you interested and focused. Additionally your mind will get a responsive workout when you hear the move the reaction  becomes quicker as your training advances!!

In addition you can share your workout with any other user of The APP as well. So instructor/student prescribed workouts are possible as well as challenges and fun with friends and family to see who can do your routine!! Finally just when you thought it couldn’t get any better master Bill has also included two additional sections for stretching and posing.

Poses, which are more associated with Yoga, are positions that are held for a set period of time. Master Bill has created some interesting Original poses that in some way incorporate TaeKwonDo techniques and/or stances. He has done this because some techniques and stances are actually posed and held in some TaeKwonDo Forms such as a Crane Stance. This practice will so help with balance and Core strengthening. The Stretching section also includes some creative stretching, again all derived from TaeKwonDo Fundamentals.

For every technique included in This Total Control APP there is a Video of Master Bill Executing the move. The moves also include a brief description and can be viewed before you choose to add to your routine and are also displayed during your workout routine. For Poses we have provided pictures that play in a movie to give you a view from each side.

Create A Custom Routine

You Decide What You Want To Practice

Creating A “Custom Routine” is the ultimate in flexibility!! All categories and techniques are available to build your routine. This includes Kicks, Blocks, Hand Strikes, Poses, and Stretches. So you may want to build a routine that consist of just kicks or you may want to build a routine that includes punching and kicking.  You may also design a stretching routine for your morning wake up. It’s all up to you!!

Speed Of Delivery

After you build a routine you then decide on what speed you would like between each move or technique. So that’s right you can control interval speeds. This is so advantageous to the beginners and professionals alike.


You then in this screen can decide if any techniques are repeated. This is so incredible to focus in on a particular technique that you may want to have some extra practice or repetitions on. For instance you may repeat the Roundhouse Kick inside of a routine every time it coaches you to do a Roundhouse Kick it will keep telling you to do it for the determined amount you set it for!! This is also great for just practicing one technique like maybe a Front snap Kick 50 times. It’s all up to you and of course you can change every time you workout!!

Even More Features

By Design

Total Control TaeKwonDo has been in development for over a year. This production has took so long because I wanted to incorporate every option that I strive for in my workouts. I wanted to emulate my classes of TaeKwonDo and even incorporate features that wouldn’t be possible to replicate in a class such as calling so many techniques for a student to perform. A computer based tablet would only have the processing power to calculate and keep track of some of these sophisticated features. Below are some additional features included in this incredible Application.

Workout To A Count

Total Control has the ability to count each technique it calls off for you to perform. So for instance it can say “Side Kick” where you will kick to that and if you choose to repeat that Side Kick technique 10 times it will keep saying Side Kick” for 10 times. But you can choose to have the Application count it for you, so if there is a single move it will count the number 1 on each technique after the name of the technique. If it is a repeated move it will say the name of the move once and count down from the amount you programmed to 0. That way you will always know how many of that particular move you have left.

Hold A Pose

On Poses you will have the ability to tell the application how long (elapsed time) you would like to hold the Pose for!!

Play It Like An iPod


Just when you thought it couldn’t get anymore customizable….There is even more options to really make this a training application that you can use every single day and always keep it fresh!! The screen to the right is the execution and workout screen.


You can shuffle (play randomly) like an iPod any routine so you therefore won’t know what technique is going to be asked of you to perform!! This will only shuffle the particular techniques you included on the previous screen when you built your custom routine. This means if you wanted to practice a Jab (Front Punch) , Reverse Punch, and Upper Cut for 15 minutes and randomize what is called for you to perform you can shuffle to randomly play this routine!!


Yes there is also a LOOP switch like on an iPad playlist to LOOP your Routine weather you choose to play it randomly or in a particular order. In addition on this screen you can choose how long you want to run this routine for a quick  2 minute workout or a 60 minute workout. Anytime you decide can be chosen!!

Endless Possibilities

Randomize Every Workout

As Bruce Lee has said he wanted to confuse his muscles and do so many different exercises to achieve this. Well Total Control TaeKwonDo won’t let you down. You can choose to have the application create a Random workout in any category such as Kicks, Hand Strikes, and Blocks. Or randomize all the techniques from all of these categories together!!

Always On Your Terms

You of course will still choose the length of the workout and the pace. (Time between each technique.)

Share Your Workout

Building some of these workouts can be so much FUN and a learning experience as well. When you determine what techniques flow well together it is a great way to learn combinations that are appealing to you. Additionally you may want to design a routine to focus on a particular muscle group. Whatever the case may be,  you have the ultimate flexibility inside Total Control TaeKwonDo. Additionally we have gone over the top incorporating the ability to save and share any workout you design. So once you build your workout you can save it. You can then call on it anytime to workout with. Also most cool is the ability with any other user that has Total Control TaeKwonDo you can share your routine and challenge them to do it or maybe you are teaching someone or learning from someone. You can than have different routines designed for you or by you. Whoa!!

Technique Information Screen

Check Out Every Move

Every technique that is part of The Total Control TaeKwonDo Application can be reviewed and played unlimited times to help you learn and see the technique executed.

Descriptions Are Included

There is also a brief description included on this information screen. Again because of screen limitations and everybody’s different learning techniques these descriptions touch on the basic points of execution of the particular technique. With the video and description you get a nice feel for every move available on this application.

Clean Interface For Maximum Clarity

These videos are the first that are available that are actually implemented in this state of the art designed application. You will notice each image has been set to a simple background to help you see as much detail as possible!!

Terms of Use

Attention: Always consult a physician before starting a workout program, changing your workout routine, or changing your diet. Not all workout routine, exercises and/or activities are suitable for everyone. If you feel discomfort or pain, you must discontinue any exercise and consult a medical expert. The instructions and advice presented are in no way intended as a substitute for medical or psychological counseling. By using the Total Control application owned and operated by WoofTrax, Inc., you are subject to certain terms and conditions as set forth below. By using Total Control application (“Service”), you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions. Any new features or tools which are added to the current Service shall be also subject to the Terms of Use. You can review the most current version of the Terms of Use at any time by visiting Taeverge.com. WoofTrax, Inc. Inc. reserves the right to update and change the Terms of Use by posting updates and changes to the Taeverge.com website. You are advised to check the Terms of Service from time to time for any updates or changes that may impact you.


By downloading Total Control application, you hereby agree to accept these terms and conditions and further agree to indemnify and hold harmless WoofTrax, Inc., its officers, directors, shareholders and employees from any accidents, injuries, or direct or indirect damages of any kind which you may experience from your fitness activities.  You agree that neither WoofTrax, Inc., nor its officers, directors, shareholders and employees, shall have any liability to you under any theory of liability or indemnity in connection with your use of Total Control or application. You hereby release and forever waive any and all claims you may have against WoofTrax, Inc., its officers, directors, employees, agents, consultants, information providers or suppliers for losses or damages you sustain in connection with your use of Total Control or WoofTrax, Inc. Application. The total liability of WoofTrax, Inc., and its officers, directors, employees, agents, consultants, information providers and suppliers, if any, for losses or damages shall not exceed the fees paid by you for the particular information or service provided. All other damages, direct or indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive arising from any use of the information or other parts of Total Control are hereby excluded even if WoofTrax, Inc. or its officers, directors, employees, agents, consultants, information providers or suppliers have been advised of the possibility of such damages. Void where prohibited by law.


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