These CountDown Compositions are songs that count and train you to do different TaeVerge techniques and moves. This is almost like being in a Martial Arts class and having the instructor count for you to perform or execute a particular move. Repetition is truly the best way to improve a technique and also make the move instinctual. My TaeVerge Philosophy is not to have mundane boring workouts. This is the purpose of these CountDown Compositions to give you different ways, timing and ideas to practice similar techniques without getting bored or tired of it. These Compositions can also inspire some creativity for you. You can create and do your own version to the count. I encourage all to send videos and explanations of different ideas you may do with these. most are self explanatory, but some do need some clarification which i will post specific instructions here on this website.


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This set is designed to practice and learn jumping kicks!! By easing into these Jumping kicks through these Countdown Composition songs you can improve your jumping skills and strengthen your legs!!

This set is designed so you lay flat on the ground and do crunches as you kick in between the crunch!! Great Abdominal work and of course good kicking practice.

This set is designed to practice and teach turning kicks or spinning kicks!! Great for balance and coordination as well as foot and leg strengthening!!

This set is for double kicking with the same leg without putting your leg down!! Great workout for stability, flexibility, and fine motor control!!

This Rolling Thunder Set is designed to get you kicking from the back leg and putting the foot down in front of you instead of returning. A nice even paced kick set to keep you going forward!!

This set is designed to keep your leg out and extended to hold your kick for a 3 second count!! A great strengthening exercise for the support leg as well as balance conditioning!!

This “Quick Draw” Set is designed to get you to throw quick kicks. All kicks are delivered from the front leg!! This is good for learning to relax your kicks and try to gain that snap!!

This set will keep working your kicks and balance as it puts you in another unfamiliar kicking position. It also will strengthen your hamstrings and core!!

Kicking Clock is designed to kick at each hour mark on the dial of a clock. We start a 1:00 kicking clockwise to 12:00. Than reverse the kick and kick counter clockwise from 11:00 to 12:00. That makes 12 kicks in each direction of a clock circle. You can kick from the same leg or switch legs at the time you are instructed to kick counter clockwise. So you get in 12 or 24 kicks per song!! if you stay in one position and just rotate your supporting leg for the set you will feel your foot, ankle, and lower leg working to stabilize yourself!!

This Rising Sun Series is about building supporting leg and ankle stability as well as hip and butt work!! The kick of the song always goes to the front and is followed by a Sidekick to the side & a Back Kick(Rear Sidekick) to the back!! So essentially 3 kicks are executed without putting your foot to the ground!!

These sets are for what we call “Quick Kicks” or Front Leg Kicking. They can also be used to hold on to a ballet type wall bar or back of a chair and maintain your leg in the air and just execute the kick!! If you can balance on one leg and get these kicks off that is another challenge!! Remember don’t over do it!! Do at your own risk and consult a doctor for your particular health needs and requirements!!

50 Kicks For repetitive practice & kick development!!

5 Kicks on each leg with time and instructions to switch legs!!