Kicking Techniques

My experience with TaeKwonDo has taught me that kicking in the capacity that this art uses the legs,  is so valuable to mobility and bettering my quality of life. In our Lives our legs have so much to do with our mobility. If we can keep them fit, maximize their capabilities (economy of movement) and take care of them, we will enhance and further our Life’s experience. This is TaeVerge!!

Confuse Your Muscles

The kicking and leg use is the heart of TaeVerge.  TaeVerge incorporates these kicking techniques in many capacities to make them instinctual but not bore and discourage our mind with the same workout routine. That is why these TaeVerge kicking techniques will constantly improve your legs and core by putting your body in different positions to execute them. It is said, the more we can confuse our muscles the better workout results we will achieve. Well, with that in mind, TaeVerge workouts  will  confuse our balance, weight shifting, and execution of these kicks to make our kicking as well rounded and capable as possible. More importantly to make our balance, body awareness, and control to its maximum performance levels, to truly improve our Lives engagement capabilities.

Kicking To A Heavy Target

Kicking to a heavy target most commonly a heavy punching bag is another great workout.

Kicking To A Paddle Target

Paddle target kicking is a Martial Art style workout.

Kicking In The Air

Air Kicking is similar to what is sometimes referred to as shadow sparring.

Kicking Underwater

Kicking underwater is an excellent exercise and compliment to kick training and execution.

Kicking On The Edge

Kicking on the edge is all about balance and core work. It will also strengthen and work your supporting foot and leg.

Kicking With Weight Pulling Up

Kicking with assistance upwards is another way to kick and change it up!!

Kicking With Weight Pulling Down

Kicking with weight pulling down on our leg is a challenge.

Kicking With Support

Kicking while leaning on a wall or tree, or holding the back of a chair or ballet bar is a great way to accumulate many of repetitions, without overworking the rest of your body.

Kick Classification – Style Of Kicking

These different Class Style Categories are the TaeVerge Classifications that can be mixed with the different TaeVerge Course Styles Of Kicking for a multitude of combination and immense variety of kicking exercises.